Extending our service from our shop to your walls

Over the years, our services have expanded from just framing artwork for our clients to managing many of the different needs of an art owner. That starts with delivery and hanging of the works that we have framed for you. We offer basic hanging as a complimentary service of qualifying framing jobs.

More and more we provide this service, because we also understand that when you get new art it generally sits leaning against the wall for a long time before finally getting hung in it’s new home. We hope to hurry that process along and get you to the fun part of enjoying your art, rather than worrying about getting it up in the right spot and hung safely.

This service gives us the chance to make your life easier, to be certain that artwork is properly located to assure your home or business looks it’s best, and as an opportunity to get to know your space, allowing us to better understand your taste and needs.

While we love to frame the work that we are hanging, Westcott & Schaff can also come to your space to hang your own existing artwork. Whether your are replacing frames after painting, moving into a new home or office, or just rearranging the artwork for a fresh look, we offer art hanging and installation at an hourly rate.

Beyond the installation and hanging, we also have assisted our clients with art moving, pedestal construction and placement, sourcing and installing picture lights, and crating artwork to be shipped.

Should you be interested in having our experienced framers install your artwork, please call (513-533-3400) or email with questions or to make an appointment.


Installation of a memorabilia wall in an office.