Stock Mouldings

What custom framing really means.

Many custom picture framers have moved away from cutting and assembling frames in their own shops. We have a wood shop, which allows us to make frames in house giving us more flexibility with our framing projects. Also, it means that we can embark on customized projects, both modifying manufactured materials to change their properties and to create truly custom designed materials to achieve a desired outcome.

Working with you on turn around.

Having moulding in stock means that we can be more agile in regards to the amount of time needed to complete projects, when you find yourself in a clinch. In the normal course of picture framing, we draw from our distributors, ordering the products that you select in the quantities that you need to complete your projects. That allows us to offer much larger selection, drawing from around the country, but it means that we have to wait for the frame materials that we order to be ordered, packed, shipped, delivered, and then, finally, to be assembled and completed.

If we start with the moulding in our shop, then it is that much less time that it takes to cut to the chase of the whole process.

Pricing that means everyone wins.

Finally, everyone like a better price. While it is impossible for us to hold all the frames lines we carry in stock, we do try to keep some of the more popular styles of frames and matting in our shop. If we are bringing in a line of frame that we know we can sell, we can buy it from our distributors in larger quantities, getting bulk discounts. That means that we get our stock cheaper and it means that we can then pass on savings to you.

These new stock mouldings are available now.

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