embellishments1Above and beyond the standard framing options that most of us are already familiar with, are a number of additional materials and choices to create and completely singular framing experience. We offer fabric covered mats, liners, and boards which can give a painting or drawing a classic and stately finish. Antique plates and etchings can be elevated in a manner in keeping with the traditional handling with hand drawn french matting that can pick up the subtle tones of hand colored bookplates. embellishments2Fillets stacked on mats create relationships between artwork and frames pulling architectural elements to the interior of the matting. Finally, stacking multiple frame mouldings, adding plaques, creating shadow boxes, and fabricating table top displays topped with acrylic vitrines can all be unique and innovative ways to showcase your artwork!


embellishments3  embellishments4  embellishments5
Image shows an acid free, cotton rag mat board with fillet to match frame. A custom display of a t-shirt, shredded and burnt, mounted on a faux brick background with a custom distressed, float frame. Above is shown a frame with stacked enhancer and deep bevel,
8 ply matboard.