Custom Moulding

moulding2An often overlooked truth in art is expressed most eloquently through the old expression, “Presentation is everything.” The way that you choose to display your art is an expression of your tastes, values, aesthetic, and style. It also gives a context to the object that it is presenting, which allows the art owner to emphasis the elements of the art that speak most to themselves.

The very essence of artwork can be mutated by altering the tone of a frame, be it gold, silver, natural wood, contemporary black, or distressed and rustic. Each creates a mode that changes the context that art is viewed in, giving the viewer a cultural clue to the intention of the art. In the same way, a elaborately carved, baroque style gold frame is going to create a very different environment than an understated, clean lined ebonized walnut frame.

The most important thing to keep in mind with framing, is that there is no right answer. There are a myriad of options in the industry and somewhere among them is the selection that is right for you.

moulding1Our expansive selection is too big to display here, but you can get an idea of the kinds of options that we offer to you by visiting our interior, virtual tour that is available through Google’s Maps. While we can order custom selection of any moulding that we show in our showroom, we also keep a stock of frames in house, which we can cut in our own woodshop. This allows us to buy materials at larger discount, which means we can offer better prices on frame material to you and also gives us the flexibility to turn around orders faster than the average frame shop times.

We are excited to have a new selection of stock frames, including a broad variety of contemporary black frames of various sizes and styles. These are the “little black dress” of framing, something that is applicable to broad variety of applications and with very competitive pricing. Also, we have just gotten in a set of solid, American grown, walnut frames that offer high quality wood and clean, modern styling. This link will take you to a page showing some of these new frames.

moulding3What is truly critical in the process of making the best choice for yourself is having the broadest and most varied selection available, so you can completely explore all the options and gradients of the medium to be sure that you have found the perfect combination. A caveat to that critical component, is having an experienced and competent guide in the process of sorting through, what would otherwise be, a totally overwhelming and impenetrable gauntlet of options. That is what we, the staff of Westcott & Schaff, strive to accomplish. We work to illuminate the path to artistic bliss, dedicated to being certain that you will be able to get the most out of your art for years and years.

moulding4A finished piece of art, freshly framed, should be something so much more impressive, compelling, and awe inspiring than it ever was on it’s own. Remember, too, that just as painting a room can be a quick and inexpensive way to change the tone and feel of a room when decorating, the tone and aesthetic of the art in a space contributes to that overall gestalt as well. If you are looking to make a room into a clean, modern space or perhaps a rustic, southwest den, changing the presentation of the artwork will go a long way to making over the entire space.