Quality material, professional craftsmanship, fair pricing.

Our business centers around custom framing and custom displays for artwork. We have experience in working with flat art, works on paper, paintings of all types and sizes, as well as fabric goods. We also have handled dimensional objects of all kinds, creating shadow boxes to hang, floating shelves to present sculpture on the walls, or pedestals and vitrines to give a classic, stand alone display to artwork meant to be seen in the round.

An important part of maintaining this custom, craft business is having as many options available as we can. We work with all framing providers to have a stock of custom mouldings to choose from that is as close as you can get to having the industries’ entire selection at your fingertips.
Beyond those material that are made for the industry, we also have a fully functional work shop, which gives us the ability to modify existing mouldings, changing the shapes and colors, and to create truly custom materials made in house, by hand.

But what is all this going to cost me?

This level of selection is a spectacular and wonderful tool for creating the optimal display for your artwork, but it is shouldn’t be a luxury offered only to a select few. While there is no such thing as “cheap” custom framing, there is such a thing as “overpriced” custom framing. Many “big box” stores offer intermittent coupon sales, offering ridiculous savings as high as 60% off custom framing orders, which sounds like a hell of a deal. But those savings are truly a product of overcharging by as much as 100% over a reasonable pricing structure on a daily basis and then lowering prices to where they should have been to start with for your “sale price”.

Picture framing is a custom service and every frame, matting, glass combination available in the above photograph is going to be a different price, and some of those prices are going to be high, depending on the quality and
craftsmanship of the materials used, but we have a broad and extensive selection of very reasonably priced frames, inexpensive matting, and budget priced glasses to give you the best price in town.

So, before you spend your money at a strip mall chain, come see us and let us give you an idea of what is possible and what we can do for pricing. We think you’ll find that we start at the other guy’s 60% discount price.