About Us


Established downtown, in Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine (OTR) area, over a quarter century ago, Westcott & Schaff is a full service framing shop. Now located in the Design District of Oakley, in the Voltage Lofts, Westcott & Schaff is centrally located to make our extensive experience working with museums, galleries, institutions, designers, restoration professionals, and building contractors on art projects available to our customers, new and old.

Owner Nathaniel Westcott and our seasoned craftspersons, have combined experience across a variety of fields and areas of expertise, allowing us the knowledge base to best serve you in your own framing and art projects. Fine art and art history, graphic design, theatre (offstage and on), and digital photography and restoration are all skills and knowledge that our staff have accumulated to create an imaginative and capable bunch of custom framers. Whether you need a budget friendly frame for the show poster that you’ve had up with thumb tacks, or are freshening up your existing collection with updated conservational materials and more fashion forward designs, or seeking a truly individual and unique display for the artwork that you’ve spent decades hunting for your collection, our experience is at your disposal so you can be certain that your art is being presented and protected in the best possible way.

From the moment you step off our elevator onto the fifth floor of the Voltage Lofts building, overlooking the Oakley/Hyde Park areas of Cincinnati, you will be amazed at the expansive selection of custom frame mouldings that we have assembled to give our customers every advantage when it comes to creating the perfect look. While the quantities of options laid out before our customers can be somewhat daunting, we are here to help you to navigate through your options, to determine your personal style, and to arrive at the perfect solution to any framing need.

Proof that we live in the future!
Now, thanks to new developments with Google’s map applications, you may take a virtual tour of our extensive showroom. We have always been both proud and a little boastful of the selection of framing materials that we offer, but to truly appreciate what that means, you have see it for yourself.


Picture framing is all about creating relationships, between art and design, between collector and collection, between audience and subject. The art of framing lies in creating subtle visual cues that play into the expectations and cultural understanding of the viewer of an artwork, which gives the viewer the framework to understand the context of what they are observing. In order to elegantly achieve that goal, it is necessary to have access to a broad variety of styles, giving the best chance of having the right combination, of many different attributes, to construct a perfect display for a work.

We strive to offer the most extensive selection of frames, mats, glass, and specialty products to achieve that goal, drawing our stock from all major picture frame suppliers, gaining the best of all the newest and coolest products on the market. Additionally, we have experienced staff who have worked and studied as artists, faux finishers, carpenters, and crafts people. Bringing all our diverse skill sets against projects, there is almost no project that cannot be made, given a little time and creative thinking.



Years ago, we began traveling to our customer’s homes, delivering artworks that were too cumbersome for them to transport or hang themselves. That has, over the years, evolved into an art preparatory service that includes working with customers who are just needing installation of artworks in their home or offices. We come to you with the hardware (excluding artist specific mounting hardware, which occasionally requires custom made pieces), tools, and expertise to assist you in choosing the best locations to hang artwork and the methods used for hanging.

Getting all your picture frames in the correct eye-line, making sure that rows of images are square and in straight lines, and creating casually (looking) family groupings are all picture hanging challenges that we are happy to help you navigate to produce the perfect finishing touches to well designed living spaces.

While we are happy to help everyone with their art display needs, we still maintain our initial focus on customer service, offering deep discounts on installation costs to our customers who are framing their artworks through our frame shop. This allows us to make sure that the artworks that we are conserving and the framing that we are creating will be their very best on your walls for years to come.